I pulled myself together and started planning for my children and the future after having joined KAP in 2012 and I am one of the pioneer clients. My experience with KAP has streamlined my thinking about HIV/AIDS. I took an option not get married again. I am already a widow and would not wish to go through the same experience again as it would surely be if I re-married.

I am particularly grateful for the KAP projects especially which puts the young people (youth/adolescents) in the fore front, by supporting activities each out to them. This will help the young generation to remain HIV free.
The encouragements and skills on the initiation and management of Income Generating Activities I get from KAP have helped me and contribute to the progress of my IGAs I have set up. This has enabled me to pay school fees for my children and the basics they need. I have also changed my behavior especially regarding my spending habits. I have leant how to save money through the trainings/workshops organized by KAP. This has helped me to spare my money for the things which are important to my health like having a balanced diet, fees for my children and medication. I am grateful to KAP staff/ counselors for the guidance and counseling and all kind of support provided to me and I greatly recommend this organization for more years in operation in my place of locality and wish that the services are extended to all the parts of Uganda because the services offered by this organization are of great importance and needed a lot.